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Speakers 2023

First Deputy Mayor of the City of Malmö and Deputy Mayor for Disability Support
Digital Transformation Manager, Achieving for Children
Chair, European Social Network
Presidente e amministratore delegato dell’Associazione americana dei servizi umani pubblici
CEO of the European Social Network
Freelance Journalist, Event Chair & Consultant
Senior Specialist, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Coordinator ‘Digital Streetwork’ Project, Bavarian Youth Council
Senior IT Consultant, World Bank
Expert Digital Health, Director Connected Society, RISE Research Institutes, Sweden
EGOV Adviser at the United Nations University, Operating Unit for Policy-Driven Electronic Governance
Professore di Intelligenza Collettiva, Politiche Pubbliche e Innovazione Sociale presso l’University College di Londra (UCL)
Principal lecturer in public health and Director of health research, University of Bedfordshire
Founder and CEO of Leapcraft