Partners 2021

Innovation Zone

[asvc_profile_card image=”935″ name=”Become a Partner” position=”” img_width=”200″ img_height=”200″ color=”#a15f82″ desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”24″]For the first time, we are opening an Innovation Zone for partners.

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We would like to thank the following organisations for their support:


[asvc_profile_card image=”1159″ name=”IBM” position=”” img_width=”200″ img_height=”200″ color=”#6b6b6b” desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”24″]IBM Watson Health’s goal is transforming global health by pioneering a new partnership between humanity and technology. They use cognitive technologies to help social programme organisations unlock the potential of data and analytics to improve service delivery and accelerate human expertise in health, social services, and social security.


[/asvc_profile_card][asvc_profile_card image=”1154″ name=”Edenred” position=”” img_width=”200″ img_height=”200″ color=”#e30613″ desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”24″]Edenred designs and delivers innovative solutions to assist public authorities in the implementation of their social policies. Edenred provides public entities with efficient means of distributing social benefits, respecting policy’s objectives and beneficiaries’ needs. These solutions are based on a wide range of technological options, from chip cards to biometrics tools and fully digital programmes.


[/asvc_profile_card][asvc_profile_card image=”1957″ name=”SAP Software Solutions” position=”” img_width=”200″ img_height=”200″ color=”#1e73be” desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”24″]ICT often makes the difference between what can or can’t be done in terms of policies and service delivery. SAP SE is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.


[/asvc_profile_card][asvc_profile_card image=”912″ name=”Accenture” position=”” img_width=”200″ img_height=”200″ color=”#bd00ff” desc_f_size=”14″ line_height=”24″]Accenture collaborates with more than 50 social services agencies around the world and is recognized for its thought-leadership, innovation capabilities and end-to-end delivery for clients spanning employment, family and child welfare, social security and pensions. With over 1400 practitioners, we work with agencies to re-shape their business and operating models, deploy innovative technologies and develop insight-driven and agile capabilities. We partner with leading universities and think-tanks to convene a leadership network and invest in cutting-edge research as well as convene executive-level events, where policy and practice meet, to further the advancement of social services and improve outcomes for the people they serve.