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Angela Blanchard

Expert Practitioner in Community Development and Long-term Resettlement, USA



Angela Blanchard is an evolutionary leader and visionary problem solver with a whole-systems approach to caring for people facing the unthinkable.

Angela is a sought-after business consultant, leadership coach, workshop facilitator, and speaker known for her blistering insight and poignant humor, often capturing complex concepts in home-spun phrases reminiscent of her Cajun heritage. Her Good Tools toolkit gives practical wisdom to leaders ready to make a difference. She has worked with leaders on six continents, in dozens of cities, on the role of cities in welcoming and resettling inflows of people. Her work and her wisdom have been featured in numerous national and international publications including the New York Times, Fast Company Magazine, The Atlantic, and on CNN, as well as featured in the Federal Reserve book, “What Works in American Communities.”

Throughout her 40-year career Angela has received numerous awards and recognition, including the prestigious Heinz Prize for Improving the Human Condition. She has been a Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution and Brown University’s Watson Institute and recognized multiple times by the Obama White House for her work in rebuilding communities. For her advocacy on behalf of refugees and immigrants, she received several awards including the Underground Railroad Award, NCJW Hannah G. Solomon Award, Chinese Community Center Compassion Award.



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