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About the 2024 European social services Conference

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The 32nd edition of the European Social Services Conference (ESSC) was hosted in Antwerp (Belgium) from June 26-28, 2024.

The ESSC is the annual flagship event of the European Social Network (ESN), the leading network for public social services in Europe. The ESSC is the largest public social welfare policy and practice forum in Europe, attended by almost 700 delegates in Antwerp in 2024.

The ESSC 2024 was an opportunity for decision-makers in public authorities, third sector organisations, social services professionals, providers of technology solutions, and researchers to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with peers from across Europe and other regions of the world.

Conference Theme

Enhancing personalisation and co-creation in social services, accompanied by supportive workforce reforms as well as innovation and digital development is crucial for expanding the reach and accessibility of community-based support.

At the 32nd European Social Services Conference (ESSC 2024) we discussed how we can co-create community-based social services, with a specific focus on three thematic strands: Co-Creating Cities Social Inclusion, Co-Creating Responses to Manage the Future Workforce, and Co-Creating Digital Solutions for Social Inclusion.

The conference highlighted the various aspects related to social inclusion planning and its impact on vulnerable populations, different planning and management strategies, integrated service delivery, co-production between professionals, service users, and their families, as well as the importance of digital social inclusion in technological advancements within social services.

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