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Conference partner FutureFit AI highlights the Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E) initiative, addressing Europe's evolving job market through large-scale reskilling. The AI-powered New Career Network (NCN) connects job seekers with curated
Care experienced individuals are crucial for transforming care systems. Experts and care experienced people like Thomas, Jonny, and Elisha highlight systemic issues, emphasizing the need to listen to their voices,
Conference partner Deloitte is rapidly investing in digital platforms, tools, and software to streamline the client experience and increase the speed of outcomes. These tools can ease access for those
Conference partner SkillLab showcases how AI-powered skills identification can aid Ukrainian job seekers. Their presentation highlights projects aiding Ukrainian job seekers, improving employment outcomes, and reducing hiring times.
Conference partner Edenred showcases digital solutions supporting children's education. Highlighting UK, Italy, and Romania initiatives, they improve food security and access to educational resources.
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The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has implemented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology in partnership with Augintel, revolutionizing their approach to child protection by automating the analysis
Conference partner EY highlights AI's potential to revolutionize human services. Benefits include identifying vulnerable individuals, easing resource access, and enabling social workers to focus on meaningful support.
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Medirent's pivotal role in Ukraine's digital transformation, particularly through projects like the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS), showcases the efficacy of public-private partnerships in driving digital innovation
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Punt Welzijn in Weert and Nederweert effectively enhances community livability and social cohesion through Hoplr's online platform, revolutionizing neighborhood engagement and support systems.
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Empowering job seekers with the padaCura App! Addressing reduced earning capacity, this innovative tool provides personalized assessments and immediate feedback, revolutionizing support at the job center.