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SKR describes their project to develop the efficient use of services or tech products to improve the care for older people in ten municipalities
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Conference partner, KPMG share their insights on how the WAAS project allows different welfare-state actors to plan, design and implement integrated and shared interventions, together with a more transparent use
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Monica Persson, FSS Chair and Social Services Director, Karlstad Municipality, Sweden. A workshop about a cyberattack which resulted in the shutdown of IT systems in the municipality of Kalix
This successful experience underlines that voucher solutions which channel social aid can efficiently enable all the stakeholders, public and private, collaborate towards a public social goal.
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Front-line social services is re-energising and getting off the ground in Sweden. Find out more about the approach to social services by ESN member and conference partner FSS
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Conference partner, Binti, discusses emerging policy and practice reforms which offer models for replication that can improve outcomes for children and address the increasing burden on child welfare systems.
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FSS, the Association of Directors of Social Welfare Services and ESSC partner welcomes you to Sweden
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Conference partner, Edenred, discusses with the European Federation for Services to Individuals how to better support and protect PHS workers as demand for household and care services continues to grow.
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Conference partner, Accenture shares their insights on how technology will be central to meeting the ever increasing demand for social services and how collaborations between the public & private sector
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By Delphine Chilese-Lemarinier, Head of EU Affairs, Edenred. The current Ukrainian crisis has shown the importance of social aid and assistance to relieve and protect the refugee population.