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3 Questions to Jonas Fluchtmann, Economist in the Social Policy Division at the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (ELS), co-writer of the report.
Social services programs are necessary in providing children and families with the benefits and supports they need to thrive in their communities.
By Ian Ryan, Global Head, SAP Institute for Digital Government. As Social Services organisations increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI), a crucial consideration with building AI systems relates to human decision-makers’ ability to understand and explain how these systems generate their decisions.
By Rainer Binder, Managing Director – Global Social Services Lead, Accenture. Employers in all sectors are struggling to find the talent they need.
By James Higgins (Eurofound). Eurofound is currently running the latest round of its Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey to document how life has changed during the pandemic and gauge opinion on how to meet challenges, old and new.
By Ryan van Leent & Ian Ryan, SAP. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is underpinning the next technology revolution. This is a revolution that offers huge potential benefits for Social Services.
By Dr. Lars Schulhoff, Head of Department, Authority for Work, Social Affairs, Family and Integration, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.
This article is based on Eurofound’s note for the European Parliament, prepared in March 2022 by Hans Dubois, Agnès Parent-Thirion and Eleonora Peruffo, Eurofound.
By Ivailo Kalfin, Executive Director, Eurofound.
It’s a fact that’s impossible to ignore: public services are under constant pressure to do more with less. The global pandemic that we experienced in the past 18 months has further exacerbated the situation,