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cognitive support technology
TNO's study at the 2023 European Social Services Conference reveals the transformative impact of Cognitive Support Technology (CST) for individuals with intellectual disabilities seeking employment.
virtual technology
Amid COVID-19 challenges, Tusla's Child Safeguarding Training took center stage, transitioning seamlessly from traditional to virtual learning.
town hall of malmo city, sweden
The City of Malmö has been at the forefront of digitalization efforts by implementing social work-programmes empowering possibilities of self-service, efficient communication through digital apps & chat services.
population sampling for business research, concept. marketing goals, customer care services, customer relationship management (crm), market segmentation, big data discovery, access personal data
Conference partner, Deloitte will share their insights during the ESN conference on June 15th, focusing on how governments can create digital enablers to support citizens facing multiple barriers.
social worker talking to family at home
The new proactive model of social care which relies on integrated data, better risk modeling & personalized care enables front line workers to reduce the need for crisis support.
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Maintaining awareness of data protection regulations is crucial when designing digital-based social services.
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Conference partner, Accenture shares how embracing digitalisation enables agencies to proactively intervene at an earlier stage and achieve improved outcomes for the people they serve.
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Examining the City of Milan's case which addresses poverty and social exclusion through an innovative data-driven approach.
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Conference partner Binti explores the challenges, solutions, and the role of technology in supporting youth placed in kinship care.
Conference partner, Tietoevry shares how Tietoevry Care product Lifecare is personalizing social care services and creating digital advantage for both professionals and citizens.