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Digitalising social care services


Tietoevry is the leading software supplier in the Nordic area. We create digital advantage for both professionals and citizens by putting focus on outcomes and streamlining social care services. By developing and implementing digitalized operations, valuable time is saved which can be spent delivering better services to citizens. Relieving social care professionals from time-consuming tasks and improving their mobility encourages and facilitates them to spend more quality time with citizens. Everyday life made easy with services that leads to better and safer citizen care.

Our future oriented services create benefits for the individual and organizations via solutions that improve citizen care and well-being while also driving organizational efficiencies. Solutions which provide full process-support, well-developed documentation tools and built-in automation, social care professionals are left with less time-consuming tasks and more meaningful meetings with clients to deliver higher quality services.

This is how we create technology that cares for you.

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