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Success in improving the social sphere through public-private partnership with IT

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Oleksii Bondarchuk – Deputy Director Medirent, Nataliia Koval – Chief Business Development Officer Medirent

Ukraine is one of the most developed countries in the digital sphere, and technologies from Ukrainian IT companies help it maintain this status. The full-scale military invasion of russia into Ukraine has posed new challenges for the country and has not stopped the further digitization of various life spheres for a moment. Because Ukrainian technologies are more than just technologies. It is an opportunity to receive pensions, social assistance, vote freely in elections, get married. This is what helps Ukraine to be free, modern, and continue on its updated path.

For 29 years, the Ukrainian IT company Medirent has been actively collaborating with the country’s government in creating modern IT platforms. The company has more than 200 implemented projects in the field of social digitization.

One of Medirent’s key projects is the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere (UISSS). The project, which day by day is turning from an idea into reality, is a successful example of public-private partnership and emphasizes the importance of digital technologies in effective management of social processes. For the third year in a row, the company, together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, has been working on this large-scale initiative.

What makes UISSS so important? 

UISSS is a complex system that automates all aspects of social assistance through integration with institutions of the social sphere within a unified information environment and technological platform.

The basis of UISSS is the Unified Social Register (USR), which contains information about everyone who has the right to receive or has been receiving any type of state social assistance.

The system provides an opportunity for citizens in need of social support to quickly receive any type of assistance through the front office in the territorial community and the Administrative Services Center of the local government, or through the electronic services of the “Diia” Portal, which is part of the “State in Smartphone” project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

UISSS is one of the most digital projects in Ukraine, facilitating information exchange among dozens of state databases.

UISSS is a complex digital ecosystem, and its success in addressing the unique challenges Ukraine is facing today provides valuable insights for global initiatives on social welfare.

It is important to note that the system has been recognized as the best project in the field of social services provision in Europe for its technological solution for the appointment, calculation, and payment of social assistance for the living expenses of internally displaced persons. The solution for social assistance for internally displaced persons received an award in the Digital Transformation category at the European Social Services Awards 2023. This prestigious award underscores the significance and success of public-private partnerships in Ukraine in implementing digital innovations in the field of social protection.

Today, the development of the Medirent company allows millions of Ukrainians to access socially important services. This is confirmed by the results of the STAAR research, which was published on the international knowledge exchange platform for social protection,, in February of this year. The research analyzed the development of UISSS and emphasized its transformative role in changing the social security system in Ukraine.