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Paul Stepczak

Business Growth Consultant, Cwmpas, United Kingdom



Paul has been a community development practitioner for over 20 years. Within that time, he has worked on multiple projects at a community level, managed a community empowerment project across Wales for Oxfam, and worked as a consultant with the Welsh Government, the National Health Service, and other public services, specialising in community engagement, co-design, and coproduction. For the past six years, Paul has worked for Cwmpas, formerly known as the Wales Cooperative Centre. As a Business Growth Consultant, he continues to support communities and public services to work more cooperatively by advocating a culture that involves better use of digital, enterprise, and innovation. As part of this role, Paul delivers ‘Start Something Good®’, a unique programme specifically engineered to facilitate the co-design of services between public bodies and communities.  



paul stepczak