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Side event - Nordic day

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The Nordic Day is a free side event organised by the Nordic Welfare Centre. The topic that will be discussed is ‘Health and Welfare Technology for prolonged independent life – a user perspective.’

The Nordic Health and Welfare Technology Research Network will present interdisciplinary Nordic Health and Welfare Technology (HWT) research with a user perspective as examples of collaboration between academia and social services.


Eva Franzén, Director, Nordic Welfare Centre
Helinä Melkas, Professor, Department of Information Systems, LUT, Finland
Christine Gustafsson, Professor, Department of Nursing, Sophiahemmet University, Sweden
Elin Thygesen, Professor, Department of Health and Nursing Sciences, UIT, Norway
Emilia Wiklund, Research Assistant Health Sciences, Åbo Academy University, Finland
Halldór S. Guðmundsson, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, University of Iceland
Annelie Gusdal, Senior lecturer, PhD Caring Science, Mälardalen University, Sweden