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Tatjana Scheck

Vice-Mayor and Alderwoman for Social Affairs, Poverty Reduction, Social Economy, Environment, and Honorary Services, Belgium



Tatjana Scheck is Vice-Mayor of the City of Antwerp. She is the President of the Social Services Special Committee, having previously served as a board member on the Committee.

In terms of policy, Tatjana Scheck has held various positions, including District Council Member and District Mayor of Antwerp for the Socialist Party SP.A. She has also served on the Antwerp City Council for Vooruit (formerly SP.A.) before accepting her current position as Antwerp Alderwoman.

In her role as Alderwoman of Social Affairs in Antwerp, she is involved in the rollout of a digital client portal for clients of the OCMW (Public Centre for Social Welfare). Thanks to that client portal, clients can easily access all their documents and information about their file, such as the date when the next subsistence allowance will be deposited. Digitalisation and technology within social services offer many opportunities to simplify complex processes and to work even more customer-oriented in the future.

She is a violinist and also a dedicated teacher and coach, with experience as the founder and teacher of a private violin school and as a coach at the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and within art educational projects. As the founder and director of Zuidgeluid vzw, she is committed to making music and singing accessible to children, particularly those from vulnerable groups, with the aim of fostering their creative development and helping them to raise their voices, both in connection to themselves as to society.

Tatjana has also held various board positions at organisations such as ZNA, GzA, ZAS, Het Zorgbedrijf, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Studiecentrum voor Vlaamse Muziek, and Amaj vzw.




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