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Wouter Torfs

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Association of Social Welfare Centres (CAW), Flanders and Brussels, Belgium



Wouter Torfs is the former CEO of Schoenen Torfs. During his time leading the company, it was awarded the Best Employer prize ten times. He is a sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship, personal development, and authentic leadership, and has authored several books on these topics. Since 2023, he is the chairman of CAW Groep, which unites and supports the 11 local CAW (Centre for General Welfare Work) in Flanders and Brussels.

A Centre for General Welfare Work is a non-profit organisation, recognised and subsidised by the Flemish Government to support people with all their questions and problems relating to welfare. CAW provides psychosocial and residential support, as well as social aid to all citizens in Flanders and Brussels.

CAW Groep unites and supports the 11 local CAW in Flanders and Brussels by generating and analysing data, collecting and exchanging methods, uniting experts of the CAW thematically, carrying out advocacy and lobbying. All activities of CAW Groep have as common goal to support individual CAWs in reaching their objectives and goals.

Wouter Torfs will share his insights, discussing his personal and societal engagement, the importance of listening, and how stories can make a difference in people’s lives, especially during vulnerable moments.



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