How to apply

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Apply now to share your experiences in co-creating community-based social services within local planning, delivery, and evaluation to promote sustainable social welfare

The European Social Services Conference (ESSC 2024) is the largest public forum for leaders in social services in Europe. Make your work and experience part of the discussion at our 2024 Conference to inspire ideas on co-creating the future of community-based social services.

Who can apply?

We welcome proposals, amongst others, from:

Public authorities

Universities and research centres

IT industry leads

Third sector organisations

Innovators wishing to work or working with social services

How to apply?

We welcome proposals on:

  • How has your organisation worked with other public services and the community in urban settings to support people in difficult social circumstances?
  • How have social services addressed workforce challenges in both public and non-public organisations?
  • In what ways have IT and digital tools been collaboratively developed and implemented to ensure their widespread utilization in social services?

You can submit a maximum of 2 proposals per organisation for:

  • Case study or Workshop 
  • Thematic panel discussion
  • Project Forum
  • Practice Fair

Before submitting your proposal, please read the Call for Contributions document for the full terms and conditions and to ensure it aligns with the 2024 Conference theme and criteria.

Deadline for applications

27 November 2023 for proposals submitted in French, Spanish, German, Italian

1 December 2023 for proposals submitted in English