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Co-creating and Managing the Future Workforce

Looking ahead to the future, the social services workforce is likely to respond to today’s challenges through a commitment to innovation, collaboration, diversity, equity, and empowerment in cocreation efforts.

There are several reasons why the social services workforce should engage in cocreation. For instance, by embracing technologies such as artificial intelligence to identify emerging needs, digital platforms to enhance collaboration and service delivery and analytics to improve decision-making. Or through expanding equity to engage with diverse communities and promote a more inclusive workforce as well as through the involvement of people using social services and the community in participatory design, service plan co-creation, and peer support groups.

At this session, speakers will address how the future workforce is likely to evolve by leveraging emerging technologies, building inclusive partnerships, and empowering communities to address complex social challenges collaboratively. Attendees will learn from reflective theory and social work practice through innovative approaches to social care and the way digitalisation is shaping social services; all of which are essential in building up the future social services workforce.

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Freelance Journalist, Event Chair & Consultant, United Kingdom


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Social Worker and Innovator, Kirwin Maclean Associates, United Kingdom

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Professor, Department of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark