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11.00-13.00 Study Visit to House of the Child 

House of the Child is a place in the city where an integrated service for parents and children is provided. The City of Antwerp offers 16 Houses of the Child where they welcome parents and grandparents of children in the age of 0-12 and future parents.   

It is a collaboration between organisations (public/semi-public) that provide different expert services. Information and advice are available about pregnancy, birth, caring for babies and toddlers, and raising children. Furthermore, parents can get support with family-related administration (for example child allowance and finding childcare), can attend workshops and playgroups, meet other parents and much more. Special attention is given to vulnerable families that might have extra needs. 

portrait of toddler girl having fun with her mother in the living room at home
foodsavers antwerpen ©ana izamska aiz1738

11.00-13.00 Study visit to Foodsavers 

Foodsavers is a programme that mitigates food waste by distributing the food surpluses they collect from producers, auctions, supermarkets and companies to people in poverty. They distribute the high-quality food through social organisations such as food distributors and social grocers. The organisation will provide a guided visit for delegates to see the operation in action. 

11.00-13.00 Study visit to SPRK

SPRK is situated within Park Spoor Noord and aims to serve as a gathering place and competence centre for Antwerp’s youth. It encourages young people to explore and nurture their talents through urban sports and culture, with an emphasis on linking these activities to potential opportunities in the job market. At SPRK, people can skate freely, take skate lessons, participate in circus lessons, engage in workouts, boulder on the wall, play basketball. They can also train as sports activity supervisors or just hang out with their friends in the ‘youth zone’.

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