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Technology for Good 

Supporting Decision-Making and System Transformation

Public social services are facing a significant number of challenges in relation to increasing social demands and expectations in a context of greying societies and a reduced tax base. Policy-makers are regularly asking themselves how can we mobilise intelligence to make better decisions in policy-making? As we shall see at this session, harvesting collective intelligence to make predictions and help to plan better is crucial to implement policies that attract and support the right expertise to provide the best possible support. Digital and technology innovation are key in supporting public authorities to undertake large transformation programmes leading to organisational change impacting administrations, professionals and people using social services. IT programmes on assisted living and frugal technology can be a game changer in this transformation process.


alfonso lara montero bw

CEO, European Social Network


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Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation, University College London

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Minister for Senior Citizens, Denmark

Sathis M

Senior IT Consultant, World Bank

vinay venkatraman

Leapcraft founder & CEO, Denmark

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