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Series of 6 short ‘elevator-pitch’ presentations on projects related to the conference theme. Delegates are invited to follow up with the presenters during the networking breaks. 

Moderator: Georgia Chimbani, Director of Adult Social Care, Suffolk County Council

Languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT


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Integrated Digital Health and Social Care in Homeless Shelters

Homeless people often have difficulty accessing essential health services. This might be even more difficult with the growth in digital health as they may lack the means and knowledge to use these services. However, the increased application of digital health also provides an additional opportunity to reach out to previously excluded groups. DocRoom is Europe’s first evidence-based research measuring the effects of online visits in community shelters to assess the feasibility of digital health care for homeless people.

Organisation: Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Hungary

Presenter: Sándor Békási, Head of Research, Director of Health Services, Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Hungary

Languages: EN

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Seamlessly Transitioning to a Full Digital Recording System

Good quality records underpin safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. Transitioning from paper-based to digital client records, makes the data of a person in need available to all professionals involved. Whether you need to align with GPs, other care providers (like family members) or ensure a smooth transition for a hospital discharge, the information is there at your fingertips. Mentaur has developed an app that allows a seamless transition to digital client records. It supports better integration of care, and makes it easy to document each step of support a person has received.

Organisation: Mentaur Group, United Kingdom

Presenter: Herculano Castro, Senior Group Operations Manager, Mentaur Group, United Kingdom

Languages: EN

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PadaCura App - Innovative Early Warning Health Risk System

Unemployment can be both the consequence and the cause of illness. The PadaCura-App helps customers of the public employment service in the city and district of Offenbach and in the Main-Taunus district (Germany) to identify potential health risks and take action before their health problems become chronic and possibly lead to incapacity to work. Based on the results of the app’s health assessment, customers of the public employment agency can work with their advisor to develop a program to improve their health.

Organisation: Jobnet.AG, Germany

Presenter: Corinna Busacker, Project Manager, Jobnet.AG, Germany

Languages: DE

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Madrid Te Acompaña: an App Supporting Older People

Madrid Te Acompaña is a project to connect older people and volunteers using an app. The project provides support and company to people over 65 who are registered with Madrid’s social services. This is much more than just an app as companions help to detect situations requiring public support to prevent risks like isolation and unwanted loneliness from escalating further.

Organisation: Madrid City Council, Spain

Presenter: Carlos Serrano, Deputy Director for Older People, Area for Families, Equality and Social Welfare, Madrid City Council, Spain

Languages: ES

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People & Society - Communication Social Network

The pandemic has shown that further investigating the professional use of the Internet and new technologies in the context of social work has become essential. This project, developed by the Consortium of municipalities of Area 5 Atripalda (Italy), aims at improving the communication and relationships of people with visual, hearing or intellectual impairments. It is articulated through a social network consisting of nodes and ties, where the nodes are the individual actors within the networks, and ties are the relationships between the actors.

Organisation: Consortium of municipalities of Area 5 Atripalda, Italy

Presenter: Carmine de Blasio, General Manager, Consortium of municipalities of Area 5 Atripalda, Italy

Languages: IT

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Local Strategy on Closing the Digital Gap

Full participation in society increasingly depends on having the access and skills needed to interact with digital technology. The City of Genk has launched a strategy to tackle the digital divide in the local area targeted at groups that are vulnerable to digital exclusion. In this presentation, participants will hear how this project guarantees equal access, improves digital skills, provides support to accessing essential services and promotes e-inclusion through the design of services.

Organisation: Genk City Council, Belgium

Presenter: Daisy Vandecaetsbeek, Project Leader for Digital Inclusion, Genk City Council, Belgium

Languages: EN