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Siobhan Maclean

Social Worker and Innovator, Kirwin Maclean Associates, United Kingdom



Siobhan has been a social worker and practice educator for more than 30 years. As an independent her work is varied but includes training, devising practice learning resources and consultancy work. In 2004 Siobhan was appointed to the position of Secretary of the International Federation of Social Workers (Europe), holding this position for a number of years, she maintains close international links. Siobhan is a Visiting Professor at the University of Chester and works closely with a number of Universities across the UK. She recently moved to Northern Ireland where she set up a reflect and retreat space for social workers experiencing moral injury and vicarious trauma.

Siobhan has written widely, mostly around social work theory and critical reflection. She set up Kirwin Maclean Associates as an independent publishing organisation based on the values and ethics of social work.

Siobhan has a particular passion for critical reflection and finds exploring the interface between technology, digitalisation and reflective social work fascinating.