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Tom Meeuws

Vice-Mayor, City of Antwerp / Alderman for Social Affairs, Poverty Prevention, Community Development, Social Economy, Environment, Worship Services


Tom Meeuws is Vice-Mayor of the City of Antwerp and is alderman for social affairs, poverty reduction, social economy, environment and honorary services.

Over the past 20 years, Meeuws has worked in a number of roles at the City of Antwerp, including: staff member to the city’s labour market policy, chief of staff for the Vice Mayor for Community Development, Director of the City’s department for community building and society, and Director of its public mobility enterprise De Lijn.

Besides his current role as alderman, Meeuws is President of the Social Services Special Committee. This committee mainly takes decisions on individual services and social integration. This concerns, for example, the granting of a living wage, financial support for people with debts or an advance on unemployment compensation.