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The 28th edition of the European Social Services Conference will take place in Hamburg on 30 June – 2 July 2021.

If you have any queries, please contact us at conference@esn-eu.org.

Taking into account the current situation with the spread of the Covid19 and its impact across Europe and the world, we are currently monitoring the evolution of the circumstances in relation to the European Social Services Conference.

We would like to send a message of solidarity to everyone working in health and social services across Europe and the world for their dedication and hard work to keep everyone safe, and support the most vulnerable, who are particularly affected by the illness. We are gathering information about the situation and responses in different countries that are accessible here.

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ESSC 2021 Theme

Across Europe, we have seen a growing emphasis on care provided in the community putting personal needs and relationships at the heart of social service practice. Policies are increasingly aiming to transform health and social care services in order to reach people in their homes and communities. The focus has also shifted to early, effective interventions for children and their families, young people, and proactive support for people with long-term health conditions and their families. Rethinking planning, implementation and evaluation of community care, the conference aims to inspire with examples, aspire for change, and dare for better outcomes for children and families, young people, older people, migrants, people with mental health problems or disabilities.

Workforce in a transformed community care

Social service professionals are key in transforming community care. Do we need to rethink community care workforce training, retention and wellbeing?

Community care: ‘hidden’ engine for growth

It is possible to get value for money when investing in community care. Do we need to rethink the financing of community care?

Ethics of community care

What is the role of professional ethics in quality care? Do we need to rethink what empowerment in care means for professionals and people using services?

The role of technology in transforming community care

Technology has the potential to improve community care delivery, from planning through delivery to evaluation. How can technology help in rethinking community care?

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